• 末日战车
  • 末日战车
  • 末日战车
  • 末日战车
  • 末日战车
  • DoomCar Gameplay Summary


    Gameplay Summary

    a)       Role growth:

    As commanders, the players improve their own combat power, complete new levels, unlock new gameplay, collect cars, further improve the combat power, and continuously win victory in different battles through breakthroughs and hang-ups. 

    b)      Car equipment:

    Each car can be equipped with equipment and core for further improving attributes and enriching cultivation content.

    c)       Driver:

    The cars are equipped with suitable drivers, which can improve the skill effect and exert the true power of the skill.

    d)      Car development :

    The game is developed using cars, with sufficient space of attributes.

    e)       Gameplay:

    There are many ways to play the game, such as checkpoint, world boss, guild boss, climbing tower, arena, etc.